Glen Peterson Construction Ltd boasts a variety of different durable and well-serviced equipment, designed to accommodate a host of different construction needs. Our operators are highly skilled and able to meet the challenges presented by virtually any site, whether its civic, industrial, commercial, or residential. From land clearing to finish grading, every job is supervised to ensure competent execution and 100% customer satisfaction.

Fully Insured and Committed to Safe Operations

Some of our Excavating Services:

  • Backfill and Compaction
  • Site and Building Prepration Service
  • Residential Foundation Excavations
  • Demolitions
  • Final grading
  • Lot Clearing
  • Concrete Breakup and Removal
  • Snow Removal
  • Leveling and Compacting
  • Sewer and Septic
  • Water and Sewer Installations
  • Water and Sewer Repairs

Ensuring your project is completed to your satisfaction while staying on time and on budget.

Glen Peterson Construction Ltd offers has wide range of equipment for your Excavating jobs:

Back Hoe





Dozer Crawler

Excavator/Track Hoe


Front End Loader

Front End Loader

Grader Services


Mini Excavator

Mini Excavator

Skid Steer/Bobcat

Skid steer

Dump Trucks


All our work is guaranteed under warranty.

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