Glen Peterson in First Truck

Glen Peterson in 1942 in a 1937 Maple Leaf Truck

Welcome to Glen Peterson Construction Ltd!

Headquartered in Estevan,Glen Peterson Construction Ltd was founded in 1938,over 3 quarters of a century ago and as was the custom in that time the business was named after the founder, Glen Peterson. He first started out as a 20 years old man who returned to Estevan to create a job for himself. He began with just a shovel and a ten year old pickup truck he used to haul sand and gravel.

Those first years were not easy for him but he was accustomed to hard work and was determined to leave a legacy. Glen Peterson persevered and went on to grow his company to become one of the leading suppliers of aggregate and concrete in the south east Saskatchewan area, during which time he won several industry awards.

He valued hard work at all times and demanded it of others. Although a demanding man he balanced this by giving generously of his time, his money and effort in order to benefit causes that he believed in and to promote the well-being within his community. Glen was a man that took great pride in his family and creating opportunities for them

Glen Peterson Construction First Redi-Mix Plant

Early Concrete Mixing Plant

Glen Peterson Construction Shand Power Station

Glen Peterson in Front of Shand Power Station after Completion

Glen Peterson Construction is an ongoing business that has come a long way from its beginning in Estevan. We’ve have served clients around Estevan and south east Saskatchewan for over 75 years. We have also played an integral part in the development of the region and have participated in large scale projects such as Shand Power Station and Boundary Dam Power Station clean coal initiative as well as urban and municipal infrastructure development. Our company consists of 5 divisions which are the Sand and Gravel division, Redi-Mix Concrete division, Concrete Finishing division, Excavating and Water & Sewer divisions.

Glen Peterson was known as founder, father, benefactor, husband, employer and his passing in 2002 left his son, Ken Peterson and two grandsons Sam and Tyler Peterson with very large shoes to fill. They have taken up the mantle with the same determination that they inherited from Glen though and the company continues to grow with every project they take on.

Glen Peterson Construction Owners

(Left to Right) Sam, Tyler and Ken Peterson

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